BLUESFLASH! NEW USPTO TRADEMARK RULE CHANGES - A new examination guide for trademarks has issued. In addition to mandatory electronic filing requirements (except in very limited circumstances) and announcing stricter specimen requirements (like web page captures showing the URL and date of access), the USPTO is now requiring an active email address associated with the direct owner (and not a US law firm or foreign law firm) for USPTO trademark filings. Provision of a company email address (which can be as simple as info@COMPANYNAME .COM, contact@COMPANYNAME .com, or something created specifically to receive USPTO email like USPTOmarks@companyname .com or a specific or personal email address from someone at the company, provided it is a valid and monitored address for the trademark owner) has been announced as a requirement to receive a trademark application filing date. Presumably, a company email address will also need to be provided in connection with other USPTO filings. Note that the company email address may be visible in the USPTO records, which means it could be accessed by spammers and scammers. While US attorneys are protesting this new requirement, it is so far destined to go into effect as of February 15, 2020. You may wish to create (or have applicants create) a monitored general email address to comply with this new requirement.

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